Welcome to Ivy & Innocence


You are all invited to discover a magical place full of wonderment to find happiness in the ordinary. It is a special place that encourages everyone to dream.

We – us ordinary, simple folk – can have a life of happiness! It’s FREE for everyone! Deep joy is embracing happiness in the midst of pain. With tears on your face, you can experience deep levels of joy. This is when our souls open and we discover life.

Join our journey and explore the path to a life of joy…
Gift your family, child or loved one the keys to happiness, because they are so precious and deserve a life of joy! Help support the things in life that matter most.

Venture with me down the old cobblestone byways, through the gate and into a valley of wonder, both real and imagined to a place called Ivy & Innocence.

Ivy & Innocence is a highly detailed village of miniature cottages, shops, characters and accessories, styled after a quaint English village life adorned with ivy vines and decorative flowers. The detailed pieces are introduced as a chapter set or assortment composed of one brick building and three or four accessory items that compliment the main structure. The new pieces are brought to life in a relating storybook, depicting a community of folks where events and happenings unfold.

and Ivy & Innocence comes alive

Each addition brings additional tales, interacting the new with the old pieces, blending them seamlessly into the magical world of Ivy & Innocence and the village expands.

I continue seeking avenues to develop additional Ivy adventures starting with the Return to Ivy Storybook and one day hopefully release the matching cottages and figurines.


A portion of all pledges will be donated to benefit University of Iowa Children’s Hospital! With the new UI Children’s Hospital affiliation, I can offer patients a unique adventure exploring their imagination by strolling down Ivy’s cobblestone byways into a magical world of hope and dreams to encourage recovery. Ivy’s homespun tales depict an uplifting community that will not only plant the seed of optimism in their young patients but stir up wonderful memories of yesterday for family members and their young-at-heart visitors.



If you feel the most important things in life come from the heart… visit a special place in time and become a part of an exciting journey to make a special comeback dream into a reality. “Return to Ivy” Kickstarter campaign.

Throughout the homeThe New Storybook Continues...The Wonderful Story Continues P1030508

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” ~ Thomas Edison   

This website is dedicated to all the Friends of Ivy & Innocence ~ may they find their way back.

Emily's Welcome by Susan Reader

Emily’s Welcome to Ivy 05182

It is a place where Ivy friends can visit, share tales of their journey, how they developed their special place, if they started years ago or are a new collector, what pieces they are looking for, want to sell, what they would like to see in the future. I, in turn, wish to share some of the letters and heartfelt notes I have treasured over the years.

Then, if you have a minute, I will tell you all about a quaint, little village where flowers and ivy vines grow abound… a place where folks are kind, helpful and supportive… a place that continues to sparkle like every star in the nighttime sky. If you open the pages of the storybook, you will learn about this magical place filled with whimsical Victorian shops and houses adorned with ivy vines and colorful flowers and its rugged seaside neighbor, Ivy Cove.

In Ivy there is a deep, long-lasting sense of unity and I search this vast internet for Friends of Ivy, folks that love Ivy as much as I do, old and new alike, to cultivate an online kinship and build a collective Ivy community.

I have been requested to list every piece in the Ivy & Innocence Collection, from the retired to the rare to the exclusive, even those special, extra accessories. Eventually, to track your magical village and for those just discovering Ivy (and there have been quite a few), I would like to feature a ‘wish list’ guide so you can mark the pieces you want or already have. You will be able to see all the characters, building, and accessories in Ivy, making it easier for you to find, buy or sell particular items.

Here you will find every whimsical buildings fashioned from the mauve-colored bricks baked with the mud Ivy & Innocence ~ A Warm Welcome Lamppost by Susan Readerfrom Ivy’s creek bed which give the houses a warm glow in early and late light. The folks, full of love, life, fidelity and friendship stroll about the cobblestone pathways of Ivy & Innocence. I open the gate, and invite you in ~ into my World of Ivy, full of tales and adventures from Ivy’s Chapter Storybook. I put in motion the possibilities of creating new storybooks and future chapters to come…

I have opened a window into the internet from my hundred-year-old, ivy covered home in order to bring you some history behind Ivy & Innocence and hope to make a lasting impression on the generations to come.

The foundation of Ivy is strong. It was built around family and their values. We must invest in what will make these values last for generations to come.

John and Edith Reader in 1893

This is my husband’s Great Grandfather, John Reader with his daughter, Edith, on his birthday in 1893.

In essence, Ivy is our past, yours & mine. It is our families’ history. It is our grandparents’ history. My intent is to preserve these experiences and memories. We must not forget them, especially in this fast, technological world we live in.

And if you feel Ivy is a place you can support, please follow the journey and share Ivy & Innocence with your family and friends. By creating a presence online, it is my hope the seed I plant (from my little computer here in Iowa) will expand to reach Ivy Appreciators everywhere. A wonderful Ivy Community can grow one ‘follow’ at a time.

It is my greatest pleasure to bring you the original chapters from the Ivy & Innocence Collection first designed many years ago ~ Read all about it!

Warm Blessings and Sweet Ivy Dreams,

Susan Reader
Artist and Creator of Ivy & Innocence

“How far we travel in life matters far less than those we meet along the way.”  ~ Author Unknown


23 thoughts on “Welcome to Ivy & Innocence

  1. I have chapters 1-9 all the pieces of each chapter, no boxes..am wanting to sale . Any idea where to sell the entire collection?


    • Hello Diane,

      I have seen several chapters sold on Ebay as a group. You might be very successful in selling your collection there without boxes. Or, also, several individuals might be interested in your chapters after I launch the “Return to Ivy” kickstarter Storybook Event featuring Ivy. (At this time, it is looking like a launch date in Sept. when the professional video photographer becomes available) If you could wait until Sept. or Oct., someone just discovering Ivy during my campaign could pledge for the storybook and potentially want all the original pieces too. I would be happy to forward anyone interested to you.

      These are some of my ideas. Good Luck.



  2. Susan. I have the complete Ivy & Innocence collection including the bases and my sister has collected all of this one and Ivy Cove as well.
    If you are writing this book about Ivy I sure would like to purchase it. Please let me know where and when I can find it. Also the title. If you are going into production of new pieces that would be great too. I’m excited for additional new pieces to my beautiful collection.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jeanie,
      Welcome, my friend, Welcome. I am so thrilled that you and your sister are a part of the Ivy family! Currently, I am working on revitalizing Ivy & Innocence by introducing the new storybook. It will be a keepsake that will be filled with artwork and illustration along with inspiring stories to bring the village of Ivy to life. I am developing a campaign through kickstarter to ‘kickstart’ Ivy’s return, excited to create a whole new adventure. When the campaign becomes available, I will let everyone know. At this time, a production company is generating a video that I know everyone will enjoy, especially all the outtakes that they have to sort through (*gulp*). I am so grateful to be given another opportunity and am ready to serve Ivy’s wonderful community again. Thank you for wanting to be a part of the journey back.




  4. Susan Reader
    In 1999 I purchased a new custom built curio case for my new home and went to a local shop to find something nice to put in it, hoping to find anything that would follow a nautical theme I fell in love with the Ivy Cove Lighthouse. Soon after I found another piece in the series and over the years a few more. Now seventeen years later I believe I have completed my Ivy cove collection with the EBay find of the Maritime Museum. While I am very thrilled about the years of, not only raising a family and the many adventures that have filled the last seventeen years it’s a simple and wonderful thing to look forward to finding the “last one” thank you for your beautiful cast art and the fun journey.


    • Dear Rodney,

      Thank you so for sharing. Your story brings me such joy. I am so glad you were able to find the last piece, completing your Ivy Cove collection. I hope you and your family (along with many others) enjoy Ivy for many more years to come. Sincerely, Susan


      • I have first 9 or complete chapters I want to get rid of, if anybody want to purchase them make an offer.

        Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone


  5. I moved 4 years ago and had my village in storage. I just retrieved all my belongings out of storage. I find I am missing Chapter 3 plus the base. Also missing Chapter 7, I have the base for it. I also have the Ivy Cove and quite a few other pieces. I had every piece plus the members only pieces. How can I get a list of the entire set that you did?


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