~ Chapter Six ~

A Stitch In Time

The Quilt Shop came into being when Lila Saunders’ hobby grew into a thriving business.

Like most of her generation, she learned to sew at her mother’s knee. She made her first alphabet sampler before she was five and won a prize for her Home Sweet Home embroidery at eight. When she got into quilting, it became her passion.

She shared what she’d learned with others and her home became the meeting place for the Ivy Quilting Circle.

Over the years, the ladies had created future heirlooms for all their families and friends. Someone came up with the idea of making quilts for sale. Their primary motivation wasn’t money, but to keep enjoying each other’s company and the mutual love of their craft.

The idea excited them and they worked with renewed vigor, proving that “many hands make light work.”

Lila’s husband, Harry, was reported to have said, “I don’t know which moves faster, their hands n’ needles or their tongues!” One suspects that comment, if he really made it, would have been said in all-male company at the barber shop rather than among the ladies.

Lila volunteered her house as a shop and they made signs to let folks know they were in business.

On nice days, the ladies followed Lila’s lead and quilted outdoors.d Lucifer, Lila’s coal-black cat – and Ivy’s favorite feline – was her constant companion. She named him for the devilish way he played with spools of thread – a trait the ladies found more amusing than annoying.

The oak tree in the yard had a special, sentimental meaning for Lila. It was planted by her father the day she was born, she was proud to say – without ever admitting the year. They both had a great deal of character. It was home to song birds. Harry built them houses from which they sang their appreciation, entertaining the quilters as they worked.

Lila called it The Quilting Tree. A note in her diary explains, “The old oak tree is like my sister, it’s my company when I quilt nearby. Now the birds and quilts are its company.”

One day, with their inventory of quilts growing, Harry suggested the “girls”, as he called them, “take their show on the road,” to share their wares with folks in the nearby towns. He helped them build a cart for the purpose.

They painted it themselves and even made curtains for the windows. The named it the Hearts & Crafts Wagon and wherever it went they made new friends and sales. The ladies’ reputation for fine stitchery and fair prices preceded them.

They each had their favorite classic pattern – with names as interesting as their designs” Bear’s Paw, Wild Goose Chase, Peapod Leaf and one that always got a snicker, Drunkard’s Path.

Lila’s personal favorite was her original design: Entwined Ivy Floral. It won her a third-in-a-row blue ribbon at the county fair.

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4-pc Set Includes: A Stitch in Time Quilt Shop 05150, Lila & Lucifer 05155, The Quilt Tree 05152, and The Hearts & Crafts Wagon 05151.

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