All Welcome by Susan Reader

~ Ivy’s Cove & Assortments are located on Ivy’s Back Porch

Unlock Ivy’s Back Porch

4-pc Assortment

Mrs. Wells’ Chocolate Shoppe 4-pc Assortment in the Ivy & Innocence Collection.

You will find more delightful stories in the Ivy & Innocence Collection by accessing Ivy’s Back Porch. On the Porch, the prevailing tales about the Cove and Ivy’s Assortments (assortments like Mrs. Wells’ Chocolate Shoppe) and the harder to find, rare Ivy releases come to life. Not only will you find this additional information, but updates and future happenings of the journey back to a special place in time.

The Back Porch is for faithful Friends of Ivy & Innocence that want to know everything about Ivy. All future releases will be posted in this exclusive area along with first hand activity regarding the new venture… All of Ivy & Innocence Happenings, Sneak-Peek Previews and Early-Bird Bulletins!

Simply click, unlock Ivy’s Back Porch, and I’ll send you the link straight away into your inbox to keep. It is fast and easy.

Then visit Ivy’s Back Porch where additional stories unfold. Click every link. Turn every page. Explore everywhere. Especially the little nooks and crannies because tucked in these little snippet areas, treasure is found.

For now, I must get back to completing the Kickstarter project, a wonderful storybook with items that unlock at various levels to create a new adventure in the Return to Ivy Campaign. Time seems to zoom along. I hope to amaze you with Ivy Wonderment and invite you to partake in the journey.

I work on Ivy in the wee hours of the morning or late at night and on the weekends… every free moment I have around my “real” job. Plus, I have returned to my kitchen table to create because, unfortunately, a few years ago my studio sustained heavy water damage. I don’t mind, though, because that is where Ivy began and will again. It is humbling and comforting to have Ivy revised in the same fashion. For me, that is a true return to Ivy in every step of the way.

To my knowledge, every introduction, each figurine in the collection has been listed and all of them are retired. I believe by releasing more items not only will keep Ivy growing strong for generations to come, but these earlier, rare items should increase in worth.

I have been tracking Ivy online and I am thrilled to see the demand for Ivy & Innocence still active.  (The hard-to-find Chocolate Shoppe (along with two other pieces) sold for a nice price last Nov. and another rare set of 3 sold in Dec. 2014.) Take care of your pieces, my Ivy friends… they are rising in value.

More importantly, I hope that the quaint village of Ivy will bring you as much joy as it has brought me. It is a magical place full of inspiration, love, life, fidelity and friendship and I wish to journey back to this special place with you, my faithful Friends of Ivy old and new.

Such Joy is hard to contain

I sing.

My adventure has begun and I welcome everyone to come along. Bring a teacup (for tea), a journal (to keep notes), a warm blanket (to snuggle under by the fire), oh, and earplugs… for I am singing from the rooftops with excitement (such joy is hard to contain).

Simply click, unlock Ivy’s Back Porch, and check your inbox. The response email is quick. Save the email or bookmark the page but don’t go zooming off just yet… It’s teatime.

Now, is anyone up for some tea?



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