Ivy & Innocence The Old Ivy Church by Susan Reader

~ Christmas in Ivy ~

Fierce Blizzard Takes Ivy By Storm

A winter blizzard hit Ivy with force last week, dropping temperatures down to well below freezing.

The weather caused delays, both in and out of town. This particularly blustery winter is affecting more than just business in Ivy. Attendance at the Olde Ivy Schoolhouse is significantly down this winter from last, and children are enjoying an extra number of snow days this year.

Although the streets and walkways are covered in snow and it’s difficult to get around, that doesn’t seem to stop Ivy folks from spending time with one another. The holidays were a prime example of that.

Ivy had a white Christmas this year. The snow absolutely glittered and the holiday pine tree in the village square was the tallest one anyone had ever seen!

What amazes me year in and year out about Ivy is that no matter what happens, the people of Ivy remain closer than ever. There’s something about this town that just seems to bond the folks and friends of Ivy together.

It was evident in the old Ivy church aglow on Christmas Eve with folks caroling and giving thanks for being a part of the Ivy community. Some have always felt that Ivy’s charm was one of the world’s best-kept secrets.

And the folks of Ivy certainly have reason to celebrate with the possibility of new introductions next May! You don’t want to miss the event ~ details here!

But let’s get back to the storybook, where the cold wind is a-blowing… and most the shops decided to close until the weather warms up, all but Emma’s Tea Room filling up with people coming in for a hot cup of tea while they wait for Ivy Station to reopen outbound train lines.

Much of Ivy Cove is icing up, too, causing havoc for the town fishermen. Even the Early Bird remains frozen to her dock, awaiting the warmth of spring to thaw her free.

Once before, the Farm Almanac had predicted an unusually severe winter for Ivy, it was the same year Ross Harwell arrived. But, now, I don’t want to spoil it… let’s turn the page and you can learn first hand how a Floridian ended up in Ivy.

Chapter IX ~ The Toy Shop

Ivy & Innocence Toy Shop by Susan ReaderChapter by Susan Reader


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