Greetings from the Artist

I invite you to join me in the kitchen, over by the oven and share a cup of tea. I have just put the kettle on. Our family dog, Buddy, is sprawled at my feet (keeping them warm as he so often does) on this cold day approaching the new year.

treeFor the holidays, I created an outdoor tree. It is aglow, lighting up our porch and a wreath hangs on the front door. I am toasty warm under a blanket, thinking about things (as I tend to do) while working on the computer.

I search for the past, present and future Ivy supporters in the nooks and crannies of this vast internet. Perhaps you know where they gather & will drop them a note to help spread the news. Ivy’s success depends on locating them and I (not afraid to admit it) dabble along with modern technology. I feel it does circles around me and my boys will heartily agree. Come to think of it, they do circles around me too.

I am building a social network for Ivy on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+ and any others I can find. Perhaps, through one of these channels Friends of Ivy will find me. I must say, I am excited about the possibility of introducing a new chapter through the success of the “Return to Ivy” event coming soon.

Here, I have posted the history of Ivy, several chapters, all now retired, the winter sets, and a few accessory items (the remaining pieces of the Ivy & Innocence Collection are located on the Back Porch).

Once you unlock Ivy’s Back Porch, you will gain access to inside information, to upcoming releases, to rare and exclusive items.

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