Ivy & Innocence Friends of Ivy

A Special Ivy Invitation

Susan sends out a special Event invitation to Ivy patrons everywhere.

Make a pledge here during the next sixty days and discover the secret key to success hidden in our Ordinary life. Gift your child wonderment this Christmas… encourage them to dream. When we join together, dreams can become a reality.

Support a special place in time and bring wonderment into your life.

Like adults, children too will be faced with obstacles. Encourage them to reach their goal. If one way did not work, suggest a different approach or to look at it from a new perspective. If you continue to support your child in this manner they will internalize the lesson into adulthood and develop persistence to tackle challenges from multiple directions to overcome them.

If you express a positive outlook and view challenges as a learning opportunity so will your children. Children are perceptive. Lead by example.


Finding Happiness in the Ordinary!

Teaching your child how to defeat obstacles is giving them a HUGE advantage in life. Not only will it reduce depression and anxiety but will curb stress and improve their resilience throughout their adult life, significantly enhancing their ability to cope with adversity.

Children absorb good stories… when confronted with a difficult situation encourage them with a personal story how you solved a problem with alternate way of thinking despite initial failure. Teach them there is more than one way to reach success. Tales with an optimistic message can have a positive impact on your child.

Teaching them to hope is a key aspect of optimism. Point out the beauty in every sunrise and sunset. Explain how life is an exciting gift and each day holds something new to look forward to. A child with optimism creates a brighter future. These children become the adults that go out exploring, inventing, and developing ways to make our world a better place.

Read an uplifting book to your child tonight because who knows what they will aspire to do in the future.

CHIproceeds logo

The University of Iowa Children’s Hospital, dedicated to developing a healing environment that will improve the health and well-being of children and their families.

With Ivy’s new UI Children’s Hospital affiliation, a portion of every pledge will support a wonderful cause! Artist Susan Reader hopes to offer patients a special venture exploring their imagination by strolling down Ivy’s cobblestone lanes journeying into Ivy’s magical world of hope and dreams to encourage recovery. The vintage cottages and homespun
tales depict an uplifting community that will not only plant the seed of optimism in the young patients but stir up wonderful memories of yesterday for family members and their young-at-heart visitors.

For more information about the magical Return to Ivy & Innocence Storybook, please visit www.ivyandinnocence.com.

UI Children’s Hospital has been committed to improving the health and well-being of children in the state and surrounding region for nearly 90 years. Today, UI Children’s Hospital is a nationally recognized pediatric center of excellence, providing comprehensive health-care services for children of all ages. As part of an academic medical center,
UI Children’s Hospital also performs groundbreaking research to help solve the mysteries of childhood diseases, in addition to training the next generation of health care professionals. Proceeds from the event will be directed to the UI Children’s Hospital Fund at the University of Iowa Foundation. The University of Iowa acknowledges the UI Foundation as the preferred channel for private contributions that benefit all areas of the university.

For more information about the foundation, visit its website at www.uifoundation.org.


I invite you to join us on this exciting adventure. A return journey down the old cobblestone lane, through the gate and into a valley of wonder, both real and imagined. Back to a special place in time. Back to a place called Ivy & Innocence.

Venture far away from this fast-paced, chaotic world we live in. Ivy & Innocence whisks you to a delightful place, simple and pure. It is an avenue to an imaginary community where dreams flourish, inspiration thrives and hope is encouraged.

Partake in the Return to Ivy Adventure. Ivy friends supporting the program will be rewarded with a keepsake storybook, ebook, a rare 8 x 10″ print suitable for framing plus other wonderful items not found anywhere else! The new edition storybook will be filled with continuing stories, complimentary illustration and drawings, each page will take you further into the charming world of Ivy & Innocence.

If you cannot pledge, you can still support Ivy by helping to spread the word. Please blog about it, share it, tweet it, sing it from the rooftops. Let your friends and family know about Ivy & Innocence and the special return journey.

Reach out to those bloggers, let them know about Ivy’s wonderful venture and its history… about its struggles, heartaches and setbacks, share the passion to revitalize a special place in time. It is a beautiful story about a bumpy road and the steps to bring Ivy back. Together we can make so many dreams a reality.


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