Ivy & Innocence The Olde Ivy Schoolhouse

~ Chapter Four ~

The Olde Ivy School

One of the first things Ivy settlers did after providing shelter for themselves was to construct a school.

This is the one they built – stone by stone, brick by brick and board by board.

The one-room school sufficed for all grades. It was the custom then. The children sat in rows, from the youngest up front to the oldest in back; girls on one side, boys on the other. That, too, was the custom.

The current schoolmistress is Miss Jenny Morris. Her family’s name comes up a lot when the subject is education. William, Sr., her great-grandfather, helped build the school and was its first headmaster. Her dad, William, Jr., headed the Ivy Board of Education.

The Morris’ tradition was carried on by sons, daughters and their offspring. Some went off to make their way in the academic world, but there has always been at least one who “clung like ivy” to the town their family helped found.

A typical day at the Olde Ivy School began with the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag… the one inside, not the New Glory outdoors, which was donated by the ladies of the Quilting Circle and is “the only one like it in the whole wide world,” they say proudly.

That’s an interesting example how people in Ivy help each other. The quilters’ husbands axed and sized the pole from a straight and sturdy oak in the woods nearby. The Garden Guild spruced it up with plantings – including ivy, of course. The children take turns raising and lowering the flag and watering and plantings. It all works out rather nicely.

But back to the school and the lessons: basic Readin’, Writin’, and ‘Rithmetic… with a bit of geography and a whole bunch of history thrown in. One of the highlights of the school year has always been the “Why I Love Ivy” essay contest.

That’s Miss Jenny helping little Amy with her entry, making sure all the “t’s” are crossed and the “i’s” are dotted. Seems there’s always been time to help children one-on-one here.

Andrew & Chase

Andrew & Chase

There’s one school rule that’s strictly enforced: no pets in class. Apparently, Andrew and his puppy Chase tried to bend that rule one too many times. Chances are he’ll get the message after he writes, “I will not bring Chase to school ever again” a hundred times on the blackboard.

The favorite period was, is, and forever will be Recess, with hopscotch and jump rope for the girls, marbles and crack-the-whip for the boys. And baseball – it the bat’s not broken or the ball’s not lost.

Over the years, as the population grew, a new school was needed. But sentimental attachment to the olde school – with a capital “O” and an “e” at the end – kept it functioning for the elementary grades.

And there you have a glimpse into the Ivy educational system, which produces results as good as any big city’s.

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This 4-pc Set Includes:
The Olde Ivy School 05090, Long May It Wave 05091, Miss Jenny Morris & Amy 05092, and Andrew & Chase 05093.

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