~ Chapter Three ~

Yates’ Antique Shop

If you’d like to take a few steps further back in Ivy’s history, the stairs up to the door of the Yates’ shop will take you along that path.

You might pause along the way to see what they’ve put outside on display before you go in. The Yates’ children, Annabelle & Jonathan, will probably be playing outside. They’re easy to spot – Jonathan, as usual, joyfully galloping on his stick-pony called Giddyup. Found in a cobwebby corner of an old hutch, the toy may be worth quite a lot as an antique, but to Jonathan he’s a priceless pal.

His sister, Annabelle, is usually holding her friend Theodore, a slightly-threadbare-but-no-less lovable stuffed bear. Found on the same day her brother discovered his stick-pony, it was love at first sight and they’ve been inseparable ever since.

Winston Chapman’s cart is always worth a look. Its being there means he’s found something special on his travels and brought it to the Yates’. True to his name and his father’s trade of peddling, Winston has profitably proved the old adage, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasures.” He has perfected the fine art of trading one thing for another that is more valuable.

Out on the lawn, a beautiful old chest-on-table is the main attraction. Beneath it lay other treasures: an old hand-me-down-bear with enough love left for another generation, an old oaken bucket that would be a perfect planter, a pair of high-button shoes that might be just the right size and, half-hidden, a stack of old books that could be first editions. The thrill of additional discovery is just a few steps away in the shop itself.

Once inside, you’ll find a veritable treasure trove of things made long ago by Ivy artisan-ancestors… things we may now consider quaint and collectible that were everyday necessities just a few generations ago. (Isn’t it amazing how much more familiar some of them seem as we grow older!)

The small size of the shop limits the quantity of things in the shop, but by no means their quality. The owners, Gregory and Kathryn Yates, pride themselves on offering “The Best of the Oldest” and guarantee the authenticity of everything they sell.

Antique shops like this are as much museums of our heritage as they are places to buy interesting things from the past. They provide a way to get in though with history – literally. When you run your hand over a walnut tabletop, planed smooth by Silas Poole, you feel a kinship to its maker. The same with a bowl by the now-noted potter Thomas Crowder and decoratively pierced tinware by Farley & Son.

If Kathryn and Gregory aren’t around and you have questions, ask Annabelle or Jonathan. Don’t let their age deceive you. They’re knowledgeable beyond their years…and strike harder bargains than their folks, I’ve been told.

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5-pc Set Includes:  Yates’ Antiques Shop 05060, Winston’s Peddler Wagon 05061, Annabelle & Theodore 05062, Jonathan & Giddyup 05063, and Timeless Treasures 05064 – (Tom the Tinker 05097 & The Tinker’s Wagon 05061 are shown in slideshow but are not included in Chapter Three Set).

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