Ivy & Innocence Greene's Flower Shop Chapter

~ Chapter Five ~

Greene’s Flower Shop

I can remember my first visit to a florist with my  mother when I was just four or five.

That was a few years ago. Quite a few… but it’s as though it were yesterday. What stuck in my mind – and my nose – was that wonderfully fresh fragrance of cut flowers. Today, I can’t pass a flower shop without going in. One whiff takes me back to my childhood.

There I go, digressing again. Let me get back to the subject at hand – the Greene’s and their shop.

Like hundreds before them and thousands since, they emigrated from England to America. He was a florist by trade; she was a bank clerk and an avid gardener.

Having had their fill of London’s congestion, fog and smoke, they sought a less crowded, cleaner, quieter and sunnier place to settle and raise a family.

More by luck than plan, they found themselves in Ivy and in love with the place and its people. The ivy-covered buildings reminded them of the best they’d left behind. If you’ll indulge me, here’s an interesting aside: the particular kind of ivy found in Ivy is Hedera Helix – commonly called English Ivy. It was cultivated in Britain, but grew naturally here. I learned that from a big and otherwise boring book on Botany at the library.

Anyway, the fact that there wasn’t already a florist in Ivy was a bit of good luck.

Fortune further smiled on the Greenes in the form of an affordable dwelling… right in the heart of the village, with room on the first floor for a shop.

Penelope Greene’s English charm and accent made her most popular as her horticultural help to her neighbors. The elected her Chairlady of the Ivy Garden Guild. George’s consummate skill in floral arranging made him the person to call for any occasion.

It’s not surprising that Blossom, the Greene’s daughter, inherited her parents’ fondness for flowers. What is, is that she had a bouquet business of her own by the time she was five! She’d artfully assemble scraps from her father’s work table, tie them with bits of ribbon and sell them to passersby.

But that’s just the beginning of Blossom’s love affair with flowers. Katie Jayne Tucker was Blossom’s best-friend-in-the-whole-wide-world, and had the greenest of green thumbs when it came to making things grow.

The girls became “business partners” when they were six. By the time they were seven, they were selling more fresh flowers than they could haul to Market Day in a borrowed coaster wagon.

That planted the seed of the idea for the flower cart. It germinated with the discovery of a pair of old wagon wheels “purchased,” axle and all, for the basket of flowers. Other bits and pieces were picked up hither and thither and, with the help of Katie Jayne’s dad, a carpenter, the cart became a reality.

The budding entrepreneurs had just turned eight when they wheeled it to market for the first time.

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4-pc Set Includes:
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