Happy Father’s Day!

John and Jonathan Christmas 1988.jpg

John and Jonathan (a month shy of 3 yrs) Christmas 1988.

This year I would like express special thanks for Father’s day. It will forever be memorable to me.  I have been showered with so many wonderful things in my life – none more so than becoming a new Nana last Friday with the birth of my first grandchild – Elijah John Reader.

And to my son, on his first Father’s Day, I cannot express the joy that is about to come your way, all the wonders you will experience. It is beyond measure. The tiny hugs. The sweet slobbery kisses. The smiles and tears from the first scrapped knee… and when they reach up to hold your hand to get across the street… when these little moments happen, I swear you feel like your heart will explode in your chest.

Jonathan and Alex

Jonathan with his new brother Alex in 1995


Jonathan and son Elijah, born 6/17/2016

It is not flesh and blood but the heart which makes us mothers and daughters, fathers and sons.

I am so proud of you and Brandi! Congrats!!

Happy Father’s Day!!

Blessings to all.
XOXOXOXO from a new Nana singing from the mountaintops,