Let it Snow


Hello Ivy Family,

I have always had a soft spot for snowmen and did plan on creating a family of snowmen in our front yard.But, alas, our temperature is showing a balmy 62 degrees and it is raining.

I remember a year when we were literally snowed in. We had to shovel to get out of our house and, though we were told not to, you could walk onto our roof. What was even better than that, was my snow fort. (Oh yes, who could not have their own snow fort in this much snow?) The knight Brotherhood of two stood against us Sisters three for reign of the newly shoveled driveway with its high walls of snow.

Gone are those crazy days of five and six feet of snowfall (but warm memories of snow mountains and drifts do remain).


In the peace of today’s morning, and just under two weeks until Christmas, I sit here listening to it rain. Rain. While I do love the rain’s pit patter, it makes it impossible to build my snowmen family.

IMAG1133Therefore, to honor tradition, this year I decorated my fireplace mantle with the various snowmen I designed and painted. When creating them, I set out to give each of them a special personality with a wintry task of bringing everyone joy over the holidays.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. I love placing them out and about throughout my Ivy Village among the Ivy greenery and bows. They infiltrate nicely with the cottages on the shelves and on tabletops.

(A big thanks to Sam for her snowmen pictures sent in below 🙂 )

If anyone is interested in picking up some Ivy & Innocence Cottages to begin their village or add to, please feel free to visit Ebay and search for Ivy & Innocence. If you are interested in the snowmen, I hope to get some up on Ebay or Etsy as well. I have never had any of my work up on Etsy but am willing to give it a try.  🙂

And in the holiday spirit, I wish to share a link sent to me from Duane (thank you!) which added a big smile to my morning and hope it adds one to yours as well.  http://tinyurl.com/lptgzqv

Have a wonderful day!






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