Ivy & Innocence Toy Shop by Susan ReaderChapter by Susan Reader

~ Chapter Nine ~

The Toy Shop

Christmas in Ivy.

When Ross Harwell arrived in Ivy, folks didn’t know what to make of him.

He came in a cart drawn by a donkey, and in the back, all wrapped up, there was a strange object shaped kind of like a huge lollipop. Folks didn’t dare ask what it was, and Ross didn’t say. Inside of two days he bought the old Gardner place which, in its former owner’s absence, had become a little run down. Word got around that he paid cash, and everyone hoped for a long-needed renovation. Time would tell.

He had no ties to anyone in town. He was from Florida, of all places. No one in Ivy had ever known a Floridian and here he was nesting in the heart of town. Needless to say, even warm, friendly Ivy had its eye on Mr. Harwell.

Well it didn’t take very long for the denizens of Ivy, young and old alike, to come to appreciate Ross. He always had a story about Florida for anyone who cared to listen. While he spun a yarn, he’d take out his pocket knife and, in the flick of an eye, fashion a new yo-yo, doll or other toy. When he repaired young Jimmy Tyler’s wooden train, he made the first of many young friends in town.

Through the summer and fall Ross worked on his place, until one day in early December Ivy woke to a wonderful surprise. There, completely renovated and wearing a fresh coat of paint, was a brand spanking new Toy Shop, all dressed up for Christmas! And that large, strangely shaped object Ross had brought from Florida? Well, there it was, planted right next to the shop: a clock. A clock with its warm sign proclaiming, “Greetings.”

All of Ivy was ecstatic. The Farm Almanac had predicted an unusually severe winter for Ivy and its environs, and as usual the forecast ran true – bone chilling temperatures and more snow than even the old folks could remember.

Ross had completed his shop in the nick of time. He was ready to enjoy his cozy attic apartment, and hopefully, a warm and merry Christmas. The building was festooned with ribbons, garlands, and an evergreen wreath on the front door. Candles glowed in the windows, and out back leaned a snow shovel, just in case.

In front of the shop stood Mister Snowman, made for Ross by the children of Ivy in appreciation of the new town clock. Perched on his right arm was a stubborn bird who refused to bow to winter. The cart Ross had arrived in months earlier was decorated with candy canes and evergreens, and filled with brightly wrapped packages of handcrafted toys.

Oh, by the way, it was so cold on Christmas day that the hands of the clock froze at one twenty-two in the afternoon, and so the clock reads to this day.

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5-pc Set Includes:
The Toy Shop 53000, Ross Harwell & Jimmy 05301, Toys A Plenty 05302, Mister Snowman 05303, and “Greetings” Time 05304.

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