2016 – It’s Your Year!


Hello 2016!!

I have dubbed 2016 as a wonderful year, YES, because we can make it an outstanding year. A fresh year where you can be anything you want to be, do things you’ve always wanted to do… because it is time to SHINE!

I believe that we have been pigeonholed into categories which have built walls around our daily routine, slotted us into a familiar routine that devours our precious few minutes of life.

Throw away the ‘I can’t’ attitude and cloak yourself in “I CAN!” superhero-capes-600x313

Together we can break out of these molds and be anything we want to be, regardless of what it is, find the courage to go out and do it.

A perfect example…

Not like the rest of her kind standing around ‘baa-baaing’, oh no, this sheep is unique. And we ALL love her quirky bouncing and prancing around. She breaks all barriers creating a joyful life not caring what other people think or, for that matter, what other animals think. Playfully, she becomes a happy dog. Watching her makes us happy too. I mean, who can watch this and not smile?


Her story:

Pet is a beautiful lamb taken in by a local family in the Scottish Highlands after she was found crippled, orphaned, and alone in April of last year.

According to her owner, Jemma Mackenzie, the baby lamb was raised by the family’s four collies, and came to regard the eldest dog, Dice, as her mother. Subsequently, she grew up certain that she was, in fact, a dog!

Her bouncing is so adorably manic and her conviction is so touchingly absolute, that it’s impossible not to immediately fall in love with her. Just looking at her clumsily hop through the air side to side as she runs along with her canine friends made our hearts melt.

sky-sunset-clouds-sun-e1446313215873-620x948Take a leap of faith!

Don’t let anybody tell you who you are or what you cannot do.

It has been scientifically proven that the bumblebee should not be able to fly; but the bumblebee, being unaware of these scientific facts, flies anyway.

fly-back-to-your-flower-little-beeIn fact, bumblebees have figured it out. They must flap harder than other insects, increasing the amplitude of their wing strokes to achieve more lift, and use a figure-of-eight wing motion creates low-pressure vortices which pulls them up.

Working harder bees fly!

article-1043523-006eef2e00000258-154_233x414Did you know, the kangaroo can’t possibly exist because jumping consumes more energy than it replenishes from eating?

However, the kangaroo was created with leg muscles and tendons that act as springs. Transferring energy from landing into their next jump allows them to spring forward somewhat effortlessly!

So who knows what secret abilities we have inside! We are miracles blessed with special talents to accomplish wonderful things! So do not be afraid to jump and soar…  dance, sing, jump and fly ~ whatever it is that you enjoy doing.

Find the courage to try. Yes, we might fail.. but we can try again and again and again and continue until we figure out how to bypass the roadblocks and get beyond any obstacles.


Step beyond any imaginary limitations, beyond what we have been told our entire life we cannot do. Go beyond the comfort zone toward your passion because that is where greatness is accomplished.

Break the mold. Be you, connect with others and soar because, hidden within our humble simplicity, we are all prancing, bouncing, flying sheep dogs!

And it’s going to be wonderful new YEAR. 🙂

C H A R G E !!




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