~ Mr. Buckles Visits Ivy ~

Winter has come early to Ivy this year.

An arctic cold spell was accompanied by the season’s first snowfall, and several of the town’s youngsters decided to waste no time in taking advantage of the situation.

Their decision was to build the biggest snowman they could build, and to dedicate it to Mr. Harwell as a way of saying “thanks” for the wonderful new clock he donated to the town.

The kids scavenged through Ivy and gathered tree branches for arms and evergreens for hair. A few cinder coals were supplied by Ada Connor from the oven in her bakery. Clyde, Ada’s husband, cooled them down in the snow before delivering them to the kids. They made two nice, great, big eyes.

Tom Crowder, the potter tinkerer, happened to be passing by and donated his old cap with a sprig of berries, and it was so big and floppy that it covered all his evergreen hair. Lila Saunders donated an old striped vest and some buttons from her quilt shop, and Sandy Parker contributed the lovely scarf and bag. Little Caroline Jefferson left her Teddy Bear to keep him company…but only for a little bit.

All in all, it was certainly a successful effort. They named their creation “Mr. Buckles” then the children ran off for a double hot cocoa at the Chocolate Shop… it was Mrs. Wells’ special treat for the little ones every blustery day in Ivy.

Buckles Snowman by Susan Reader

Mr. Buckles ~ A Grand Snowman

Oh, by the way, the hands of the clock are still frozen at one twenty-two in the afternoon, and continues to read to this day. Although, whispers have it, come spring, Tom Crowder might have something in “The Tinkers Wagon” to get the clock fixed up fine once again.

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