All’s Well Extra

Bed & Breakfast Guest Saves Ivy’s Favorite Feline.

That old saying came true when Mr. Ed Peters, 27, a guest at the Ivy Inn with his bride, Violet, came to the rescue of Lucifer, the cat that has become something of a fixture at Lila Saunder’s Quilt Shop.

The Wishing Well at Parker's Bed & Breakfast.

The Wishing Well at Parker’s Bed & Breakfast.

Lucifer came up missing last week and neighborhood children formed a search party. However, their valiant efforts were forced to a halt at dusk when the jet-black cat became virtually invisible.

Later that same night, Mr. Peters was awakened by what he described as “a woeful wail” coming from outside the couple’s suite. He reported that he made his way downstairs, following the direction of the pitiful sound. It led him to the Bed & Breakfast’s wishing well.

Ivy & Innocence Parker's Bed & Breakfast Chapter

Violet & Ed Peters

“I couldn’t see a thing,” Peters said, “except eyes reflecting in my lantern. The cat was perched on a ledge deep in the well, just above the water. I very carefully lowered the old oaken bucket and Lucifer jumped in; then I just hauled him up,” he concluded modestly.

Wrapped in a dry towel and given a saucer of milk, the cat was his old purring self in no time. He spent the night at the Inn and was returned to a grateful Mrs. Saunders early the next morning.

We’re firmly convinced that while Lucifer was down in the Inn’s well, he wished with all his might to get the heck out of there… and his wish came true!

According to legend, little girls in Ivy wished for dolls, boys for bikes, maidens for beaus, beaus for brides, and brides for babies… and all those wishes came true!

Naomi Sandlin's Letter

Naomi Sandlin’s Letter

We know there are some skeptics among you – our lawyers included –
but we want to show our faith in the well’s magical powers by guaranteeing that your wish will come true if you own the Wishing Well.

After purchasing the Making Wishes Come True wishing well, write and tell us about your wish that came true…. And, so, wrote one special Friend of Ivy member, Naomi Sandlin from Big Stone City, SD. Now, I am so pleased to share her wonderful letter with you:

The Ivy Vine,

Can you believe it took 69 years for my wish to come true?? Who says only “little” girls make wishes?? I’ve seen all my friends, my daughter and granddaughter collect many things, but never have I desired to own a collection until ~ I was transfixed by “Ivy & Innocence” ~ I became a good “Friend” immediately!

Today I purchased the “Making Wishes Come True” wishing well as well as several other pieces ~ so my wish for a collection that would reflect my personality, fulfill my nostalgic mood and warm my heart has finally become a reality and I shall treasure adding pieces as long as I live and gratefully leave it to my one granddaughter, Rebekah.
Lovingly, Naomi Sandlin

~ Warm blessings and wishes goes out to Naomi and her entire family ~


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