Ivy & Innocence Friends of Ivy

Friends of Ivy

Welcome Friend to the private area ~
Ivy’s exclusive “Back Porch”.

As a ‘following’ friend, you have unlocked a special area on the porch and gained access to inside information. You are privy to any upcoming releases, rare pieces and exclusive offerings. Waltzing through Ivy’s Back Porch, more delightful stories of Ivy & Innocence come to life, including the prevailing tales about some of Ivy’s Rare & Limited pieces.

You will learn the special details of what’s going on in this special place and time so, for now, let’s acquaint you with some of the original rarities in the Ivy & Innocence Collection.

As you know, the story of Ivy is told in several chapters, each with a fascinating description of the scene and the folks who live there. In this area, you will discover more of the story behind the “special place in time” through Ivy’s existing Storybook Albums and, as we speak, Susan is compiling a new storybook which will be offered only through the Kickstart campaign during the month of May along with a new introduction, an exclusive you do not want to miss… do not forget to mark your calendar!

In the meantime, we happily crack the cover of Ivy’s Exclusive Storybook, exposing some of Ivy’s rare and exclusive Ivy tales few have read. Let’s start with Ivy’s Newspaper Co. because it was the very first Limited Edition, Members Only Chapter…

And so, with it, we begin…Pull up a chair and enjoy!

The Ivy Newspaper Co. ~

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