Ivy & Innocence Membership Piece by Susan Reader

~ All The Latest ~

A “Symbol of Membership” Piece

In Ivy, if you want to know all the latest news and gossip, you read The Ivy Vine. For generations this venerable, trusted newspaper has provided all the locals with responsible news and a gentle approach to the gossip of Ivy. Nothing nasty, just good old fashioned, back yard tidbits.

In our Symbol of Membership piece, Bridgette Jefferson and Jennifer Greenwood are marvelously decked out for a stroll through Ivy. Caroline Jefferson is along for the walk with her older sister, and all three have just been handed the latest edition of the newspaper. There doesn’t seem to be any doubt about what each of them want to read first.

Perhaps our three young women are more interested in the gossip than they are in the news. Then again, they might be reading about the ladies’ apparel sales that’s taking place over at the general store or memorizing the delectable Chewy Oatmeal Cookie recipe in the “Edible Korner” section.

Whatever is is, they are following in the tradition of their parents and grandparents by reading The Ivy Vine. And no matter what they are reading, they’re sure to get “All The Latest.”

Ivy & Innocence Membership Piece by Susan Reader

A Symbol of Membership Figurine ~ “All The Latest”


This lovely figurine fits right in with the Members Only Chapter, The Ivy Newspaper Company.

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