The Hunt for Unique Christmas Ideas Begin

Hello Everyone,

The race is on as the countdown to Christmas is only 26 days away! Right after Thanksgiving I start my Christmas countdown. The days seem to tick away faster and faster every year…but I just cannot bring myself to think about Christmas until after I have given thanks for all that I already have over Thanksgiving.

Once the turkey and stuffing resigned itself to a cozy corner in my refrigerator tagged as leftovers, the sprint to get everything done for the next holiday begins.

I love searching for that unique present for the right person and it doesn’t have to be a store bought gift either. In fact, I love the homemade gifts I receive. I like to make my home twinkle in lights and flickering candles.

We do not have a red sofa. If I had to guess, I don’t think many people do. I drape our sofa back with holiday material or a blanket and matching pillows in the corner. Works great.

I love the simple, homespun look of handmade Christmas items here and there throughout high traffic areas inside our home.

But don’t forget the outside areas too. Wreaths and vines around the lampposts has always been my favorite.

So many items you can find at Goodwill, like a pair of old ice skates to decorate. There are so many ideas done in so many beautiful colors and themes. This is only a small sampling of what I have seen from so many creative people.

I love the simple hanging ornaments in the window with the white snowflakes and evergreen wreaths outside.

I welcome your Christmas decorating ideas and thoughts, anything you found in the past that would make our holiday extra special, please share.

Tis the season to pool our combined energy and effort together to make this a wonderful holiday to remember!

Now, along the tradition of giving, I wish to gift you a set of three grand snowmen (a ceramic tealight, trinket snowman box and an adorable snowman ornament) free to everyone that has already made a kickstarter pledge for the return to Ivy Storybook and to those who plan to make a pledge before December 1st. as my thank you!

These three gifted snowmen items are yours, no matter what amount of your pledge, but you must pledged BEFORE December 1st.

The variety of grand snowmen items are pictured here:

If your pledge is made after December 1st, no worries, I will still gift you a wintry fellow. Pledges made after the 1st will be broken out as such:
$50-$100 will get a free snowman ornament.
$100-$300 will get a free snowman box and ornament.
Over $300 will get all three.

Keep in mind, you may change your pledge if later you wish to change it. As long as you pledge before Dec. 1st., no matter your pledge amount, I will gift you all three snowmen.

Remember, if the kickstarter is not successful, you are not out any funds.

I also wish to post some of the snowmen up on Ebay,
so keep an eye out for those if you are interested.

Thank you so very much my friends!
Whatever your plans are today…Make it Wonderful!






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