A Little Bundle of Grandness!


Hello All,

I must say this Thanksgiving I was especially thankful…the official public announcement was released. So I can share our family’s wonderful news! Next summer (June) my oldest son and daughter-in-law will have a baby! YES! My first grandchild!! Needless to say, I am ecstatic!

My first grand baby reminds me of when I launched Ivy before… Babies surrounded my life when Ivy was conceived. And with my determination to revitalize Ivy, it is only appropriate that a baby will bless the venture once again.

It is a deja vu experience I welcome with open arms. 🙂

Now I need to find another stocking to add on our fireplace mantel this year. Never hurts to prepare in advance.  🙂

AND I must improve my camera skills now. It’s imperative. I cannot subject you all to bad photos of my first grandchild! I simply won’t have that. Not at all. Each one will be a beautiful picture. All million of them.  lol

Have a REMARKABLE day!!




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