A Short Story About a Storage box

Hello all,

Recently I have been trying to get some good photos of a storage box I painted in 1996. I am going to put it up on Ebay but my photos of it always came out awful. So, whenever I found a free moment (and my husband’s phone), I snapped more pics.

Going after the bone.Last Friday my boys returned from college for Thanksgiving break, along with their new, adorable four month old corgi, Dany.

Tonight, I decided to try my photo skills again. I put the box in front of our fireplace and set up the small phone camera.  Dany was minding her own business chewing on a bone and Buddy was napping.

‘Ok,’ I thought, ‘I can do this.’

Well, right after I got things situated, the troops moved in curious about what I was up to – funny how they sense things like that.

Buddy took off the lid and checked it out. Inside, I had my Ivy throw and a few other things, nothing edible. With the lid off, Dany had to see what the attraction was.

IMAG0963With each pass, they continually knocked over the camera.

Patiently, I would re-position it, waiting for them to move on.

But the box contents proved too inciting.


Eventually, Buddy lost interest,  convinced it held nothing to eat. He sat down and allowed me to continue, watching from a distance. Dany however, was relentless.






Chewing on the bone, blocking the view of the camera and knocked it over.

And situating the camera again. Tonight wasn’t a good night for pictures either.
So, I stopped, well… I did take one more.

I will give you one guess what’s in the storage box now.  lol


🙂 Have a great evening!





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