Finding Happiness in the Rain

benchonMtThis week, another precious soul twinkles bright in the stars above. I knew him most my life, almost like a younger brother to me and he will be missed dearly by many. It leaves an empty hole inside that closes a chapter on another treasure trove of memories. I have many such treasures buried inside that brings me to pause in my chaotic life and reflect. I know through the tears we can experience great joy, by not dwelling in the sorrow of our loss, but rejoicing in the wonderful times that were created with such rare souls that briefly shone bright among us.


More often than not, the beat of life’s rain pours down, and it always will, pounding on our spirit like a chorus of drums. Let’s pop open our little umbrellas. The canopy will keep us dry. Don’t worry if you forgot to bring yours. I will share mine (just ignore the dangling wiry arm previous broken by a gusty wind). Above the stormy clouds is another beautiful sunrise. We only need to look up and beyond to see it.

Together, we can maneuver along the cobblestone path in life’s heavy downpour. Life is notorious at putting these potholes in our road. Wearing our bright yellow galoshes, let’s jump in a game of hopscotch to HIT all the puddles.

In sync, we can stomp together to make the biggest splash possible and continue seeking happiness through our a big, teary-eyed smiles. Pausing to wave at the stars overhead as they twinkle back, watching us live life to its fullest.

Hugs and a smile,



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