The First Tiny Cottage in Ivy’s Journey Back


The Watering Shed (shown left) with other pieces of Ivy.

Dear Friends of Ivy,

Just Listed! 

An Ivy Watering Shed - A hand-painted original by Susan Reader

Click image to go to the Ebay listing. This item is an original and extremely rare.

A very rare small cottage was listed up on Ebay. This little cottage was the same piece I began painting in the Kickstarter video. It is one of only two in existence and was never put into production.

It turned out better than I hoped with cold hands and fogging up goggles. (My hand do not work well when they get cold and today it was pretty cold in the studio but I really needed to finish.) It will compliment your existing Ivy collection beautifully.

For other retired pieces of the cottage line, search Ebay for Ivy & Innocence and discover items that you might like to add or begin your special place in time.

All funds for the pieces I list up on Ebay are to help bring Ivy back. Marketing, advertising, and the video production are all necessary ingredients to give The Return Storybook a fighting chance to succeed. However, I must say, no matter what happens… success or not, this event does not define Ivy & Innocence. Ivy’s meaning and deep principles goes beyond the Kickstarter event.

To me, Ivy is worth the every sacrifice, every effort, every hard earned cent to bring the wonderful village back to life. I will give it all I can and I will continue to do so long after the event is over.

Ivy & Innocence is the highest expression of my being. It is a reflection of my soul based on the beauty I see in our ordinary and simple lifestyle from the past, in the present and into our future. Because in our ordinary and humble life, we are the same. We connect and we have survived so much to be here.

benchonMtI firmly believe that when you align your soul with your purpose, the meaning behind our precious gift of life, when these two align… this combustion ignites a journey full of unstoppable promise.

Since the beginning, Ivy & Innocence aligned my soul with purpose. I fight for its principles with an energy that comes from a powerful force that guides me… and today is no difference than before. Only this time, in my journey I have discovered so many friends that have never stopped believing in this special place in time.

If you make a pledge on Kickstarter or bid on items up on Ebay or simply share the Kickstarter news with your friends and family, anything you can do is helping us take one step closer to revitalize Ivy & Innocence. And I am so very thankful.

Our combined energy will make Ivy’s venture back unstoppable as we journey forward, arm in arm, back to a special place in time and pausing, only occasionally, when my feet break into a happy dance along the way. lol (Yes, I know, I know, but what can I say…I cannot control the happy dance. It just happens.)

I am deeply grateful for the meaningful future I know is coming all because of your grace and I will never forget it.

Your humble servant with happy feet,


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