A Magical Story of Wonderment Begins With An Ivy Kickstarter Adventure

Based on Ivy's Past, a new Storybook sets sail to begin a new future.

Based on Ivy’s Past, a new Storybook sets sail to begin a new future.

Dear Friends of Ivy,

The Return to Ivy & Innocence Event is now LIVE!!! It is Official!

I have officially launched the Kickstarter website. This will allow me to do as much marketing and advertising as I can, posting press releases and making an Ivy mark on blogs everywhere!

With the new video uploaded the launch of the Ivy Kickstarter campaign is official! Even Buddy makes an appearance at the end by sticking his nose up to see what is going on, make sure you watch for him.

I invite you into my humble home, into my ordinary world and alongside my exciting journey back to Ivy! I am ready to create and dream again.

Setting the event duration for 60 days will bring the end of the campaign right up to the holidays. Together, we can gift the young patients at the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital some Ivy wonderment in the upcoming new year.UIHospitalbannerBy grace, I am here on borrowed time ready to serve and do as much as I can, (including warbling on the mountaintop with the mountain goats if I must), to inspire you and your children to lead a life of happiness and joy.


Christina and Lily discovering the magic of Ivy & Innocence.

Ivy’s hidden messages encourages people not only to dream, but also how to deal with life’s ups and downs, giving us a huge advantage as we maneuver through life. Scientific studies have proven this mindset will reduce depression and anxiety in our daily activities. It will curb stress throughout our adult years, improving resilience and significantly enhancing the ability to cope with adversity.

The Ivy & Innocence storybook is filled with stories portraying an optimistic message that have an uplifting impact on the reader, young or old. Children are so perceptive and, as parents, we need to express a positive outlook and view challenges as a learning opportunity so our children will follow suit. When we lead by example, we are teaching them.

Hope is a key aspect of optimism. When we understand life is an exciting gift and each day holds something new, we are nurturing a positive outlook on life. This creates an exciting future not only for you, but for your children… growing up to become the adults that go out exploring, inventing, and discovering ways to make our world a better place.


The Essence of Happiness is in the Ordinary!


Little princess Lily in her mother’s lap.

Let’s encourage our children to dream. Inspire them with uplifting, positive stories so they develop an optimistic attitude that fills them with wonder because who knows what amazing things they will aspire to do in the future.

Have a wonderful, inspired evening and may Ivy bring you sweet dreams,



2 thoughts on “A Magical Story of Wonderment Begins With An Ivy Kickstarter Adventure

  1. Susan, I am so excited for you and can’t wait to see what you have in store for the future. I would love to be able to pledge $4,000 and receive all the goodies but unfortunately as a retired grandma I can’t. I have a granddaughter who is interested in my collection and I will pass it on to her. God bless you and thank you for bringing back Ivy and Innocence. I am really excited.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much for your kind words Terri! Bless you! I am thrilled to see Ivy once again proven to be a worthy keepsake. Being passed to the next generation preserves all the principles it stands for. Time and time again, I see Ivy connecting people regardless of age. It is so exciting! Uniting us in our humble lives to something greater. I am so grateful to everyone for another chance. Thank YOU! 🙂


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