Selling Ivy to Support Her Son’s Dream

Almost a full year ago, I was starting the process of returning to Ivy, building the website compiling all the original stories and retired items. Searching online, I chanced upon some marketing sheets and Ivy materials (retailer display extras) which were listed on Ebay. I asked John to bid on them for me and I went on my merry way. A few days later, John won the bid. The seller, Barbara Holliday, sent John a small note asking if he happened to know the artist since we had the same last name. Which he responded, “Yes, she is my wife.” Not only did Barbara send me the won items we bid on, but several other things as well (the gifted pocket mirror I carry in my purse everywhere). After her corrective cataract surgery, she helped me compile the stories I was missing due to the water damage that infiltrated my studio.

Jonathan & GiddyupYears ago, when Barbara began collecting Ivy, her son was around ten years old… (he is only 3 months older than my oldest boy, Jonathan). Today Edward is a budding actor, working with several well-know names. Barbara has mentioned meeting many,  such as Hugh Jackman. Her son is motivated to move out to California and pursue his dream, always wanting to head out West before his 30th birthday on October 28th. Barbara has gifted him some rare pieces from her Ivy & Innocence collection – it being one of her most prized possessions she is now selling to help fund his dream. Call it a mother’s intuition or, rather, a faith in knowing he will make a difference. The family will follow after selling everything.

I wanted to share this inspiring story about the deep love of this wonderful family supporting their son, encouraging his dream. This is what Ivy & Innocence is all about. Barbara is selling everything she holds dear to support him. I am speechless and so thankful that Ivy has played a small part in assisting his dream.

I wish to unite us, as an extended Ivy family, sending joy and hope in their new venture. I know that we are connected and if we can support each other to achieve our dreams what a happy place this world would be.

I would like to do a shout out to the Ivy community if there are any casting directors possibly searching for a wonderful young actor…open the door when Edward Holiday knocks because with such love and family support behind him, well, it tells me so much about his character. It is no different than what my family has done for me. I recommend looking him up. I know you won’t be disappointed in this wonderful young man.

Happy Birthday, Edward!


Let’s spread happiness, hope and help each other fulfill our dreams.

We are all part of this wonderful journey called life. Let’s unite and make it the best one we can.

Have a great evening,



2 thoughts on “Selling Ivy to Support Her Son’s Dream

  1. Dear Ms. Reader,
    No words could ever thank you enough for your kindness.
    Your words have given Edward the greatest birthday gift he could ever get and I know he will cherish and remember them for the rest of his life.
    Your Ivy has brought me so much joy over the years but knowing you is the greatest joy of all.
    Warmest regards,


    • I know you will experience such pride and joy in your son’s journey, watching him fulfill a lifelong dream. I feel honored to be a small part.
      I wish you joy in your journey fulfilling life’s purpose. It is what parenting is all about. I know it will bring your family such happiness,
      it may not be easy at times (most rewarding things in life never are, but it will be so worth it) plus you never know who you will meet along the way. 🙂
      Blessings to you and your family,


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