Two Storybook Prints have been listed on Ebay.

Hello All!

The shooting of the video footage is now complete and the final editing process has begun. I must send out a huge “thank you” to Digital Media Productions and Andy for his patience working with me.

Also, a big shout out of thanks to lovely Christina, her precious girl, Lily, and adorable Brutus, a puppy St. Bernard. They were stupendous. Brutus at 4 mo. old was already bigger than petite Lily, (what an adorable five-year-old princess). Together the pair were cuteness overload at our house! (SILLY ME, I must get in the mindset to take pictures because I never remember until after the fact.) You will see them in the upcoming video… along with a head shot of Buddy, our faithful eleven-year-old black Labrador which I hope will make the cut.  🙂

I have posted on Ebay these two framed, Storybook prints. Please feel free to take a peek:

The wonderful “Balancing Books With An Apple On Top” illustration and The ‘Old Mill’ illustration


IMAG0548I wanted check the color and quality of the prints that are to be rewarded during the Kickstarter event (if you haven’t yet had a chance to review the upcoming pledge tiers, you can check them out in the flipbook featuring each level here)  …

The prints do look very nice and I placed them in standard wood frames to sell on Ebay. The event prints will be unframed, but the  10″ x 8″ prints do fit nicely in a standard 12″x10″ frame. I had issues taking their pictures with the reflective glare off the glass frame, but regardless of my photography, I have to say, they make a wonderful backdrop alongside the Ivy Collection. I know you will enjoy them.

All the proceeds from both print listings are to help with advertising and marketing the Kickstarter event, website and video.  Which is only days away really. It is going so fast. I am excited and a little nervous too. 🙂  As soon as its ready, if you could re-post to family and friends, to share and tweet helping Ivy’s vine spread, I would be very grateful. Your help getting the word out would mean a great deal.

I have decided to run the event from Oct. 24th to Dec. 24th,  two months, running through Thanksgiving and ending on Christmas Eve. So many blessings in my life am so grateful for. My art is a small part of my soul that I wish to share, it is my gift that I hope will inspire you and your children to dream, and I am so very grateful to have been given another opportunity to pursue mine.

Deeply thankful to you all,



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