An Optimistic Future

Dear Friends of Ivy,

It was one year ago when I explored the possibility of revitalizing Ivy & Innocence and began hoping that others still held interest in a special place in time. What I found was amazing. Silently for years, Ivy had survived and persevered. Ivy’s core principles (that which I continue to feel so strongly about) had been proven true over twenty years. Ivy & Innocence had transcended generations. Its quality, virtue and value remained unwavering. Without anything new in years, it continued to be in demand with many rare pieces selling at prices that continue to astound me.

I do wonder… had circumstances in my life been different years ago, where Ivy would be today? Although it is a short lived thought because I am focused on the future and know, with your encouragement, Ivy will be even stronger in the years ahead.

I have learned so much and many things have changed, but the passion I feel for Ivy & Innocence has not. It never will. How could it? It was born from the depths of my soul when I needed a place to escape and dream. It was my anchor to hope, to happiness. It has brought me such joy and peace. I look back at the struggle it took to bring Ivy to life and I wager the road ahead may be just as bumpy, but life tends to serve us all trials and tribulations. I feel if Ivy can smooth your journey in any way then it will be worth every step and stumble.

We are alike in many ways. Life brings people together. Ivy has touched so many lives, has given hope to many, allowed families to dream and offered an escape when things were tough. Its solid foundation continues to bring optimism and hope, inspiring others to live their dreams and pursue happiness. (I have a story I would like to share, several actually, but these I must save for another post.)

Today, I wanted to share with you a sneak peak preview of the new flipbook I just finished, showcasing the pledge tiers which will be embedded on the Kickstarter website (work in progress). It should give you a good sense of what each tier contains. Please feel free to visit it here.

The new flipbook created to showcase the pledge tiers to be embedded on the Kickstarter website to give you a good sense of what each tier contains. Thank you for your interest and consideration in making a pledge. I am extremely grateful.

A flipbook showcasing the pledge tiers to give you a good sense of what each tier contains. Thank you for your interest and consideration in making a pledge. I am extremely grateful.

If you have any ideas on how to improve Ivy’s new adventure, I am completely open to any thoughts and suggestions.

Tomorrow is the last day shooting the video for the fun clips, like raking leaves and such… in one week I hope to launch. We are so close. Please stay tuned and thank you so much for following along.

I received one of the fleece throws, it is so soft and I will make sure it is pictured in the shoot tomorrow.
Also, I have two of the 10 x 8 illustrations I signed and framed. I am going to post them up on Ebay in the next few days. The glass in the frame kept casting a glare, but you can see how they turned out. My photography does not do them justice, (picture taking is not my best feature, although I figure, if I keep snapping away I am bound to get better, no? That there, ladies and gentlemen, is my optimism showing through. lol )

I feel so fortunate my dream of returning down Ivy’s cobblestone lane has been initiated. It is scary and exciting. With the internet, I hope to reach out and create such an energetic force to move mountains and help as many as I can along the way. I feel privileged to join a wonderful cause with the UI Children’s Hospital! When we believe and dream, and help others anyway we can, life becomes so amazing.

No matter what happens, I can promise you, I will not stop. My climbing boots are on and the mountain is tall, but you have given me wings.

Thank you all,


Shine with wonder in all you do!



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