Our Ordinary, Rambunctious Selves

Stop a moment in your hectic day and think about something a moment.

I ask for you to think about what it took to get here… about what it really took for you to be here.


George and Willema (Vogel) Osweiler’s Wedding Photo

Going way back in time to all those people that had to connect perfectly from the beginning. Surviving hardships, the weather, wars, life-threatening diseases and precarious situations to be at the right place to meet the right person and have a child… then for that little one to survive without the medicines we have today and grow to connect with another, to connect with another, and another and so on – all the way down the generations until YOU came along (think about those odds).

All these things had to align just right to get you through past history and time to be here. I cannot think it was a coincidence…actually, it is nothing but a miracle.

There is no one else on this entire planet like you. Not anyone. Not anywhere. Not ever. None before you nor after you. The color of your eyes, hair, skin, quirky personality… every combination of things that makes you you.

Reader Kids

The Reader Kids

We are ordinary people. Just simple folks, but this is what makes us so much more extraordinary. We raise families and do dishes and the laundry and take out the garbage… we survive working hard. Ordinary people doing the same things day in and day out, (even if we would prefer to do other things – I know, I know lol).

This unites us with a sort of ordinary similarity, yet each one of us is such a rare and amazing individual. It is mind-boggling once you think about it. You are so unique.

I created Ivy & Innocence for people like us because we are the same and I know some days, we really do need a special place in time to help us get through, don’t we? Yes, I know we do.

Because of this, there is no one else that I want to connect with more. We are miracles that really matter in this special life we have been gifted.

I realized, just the other day, a small snippet of my soul had quietly rooted in my boys. This tells me that a little part of me, a tiny bit of my special ordinariness, was worthy enough to influence three other miracles in this world.

This made my heart swell with gratitude – even when they are being their ordinary, rambunctious selves.

It makes them who they are… individual, mischievous miracles. I wouldn’t want it any other way, would you?


P.S. I am just glad I survived.  lol   🙂



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