Ivy Kickstarter Event Will Donate To A Wonderful Cause

Hello All,

We are Phil! It takes the collective commitment and support of the university to improve the health and well-being of children. By “being Phil,” we can make this goal even more attainable.

Good news! The Return to Ivy & Innocence Kickstarter Event has been approved to join an exciting venture to help a wonderful cause. A percentage of Ivy’s event proceeds will be donated to the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital!

Proceeds from the Ivy event will benefit University of Iowa Children’s Hospital through the University of Iowa Foundation.

My hope is one day Ivy & Innocence will be able to create a home-like atmosphere for families staying at the hospital. Wrapping the children in Ivy’s warm blanket throw to cocoon them in sweet Ivy dreams or tucking them in bed to read the new keepsake storybook that encourages an upbeat attitude, fostering dreams of their own special place where anything is possible.

I picture them creating their own personal Ivy village all lined up on their shelf (among all the flowers, gifts and cards). In their minds, the patients can imagine strolling down the cobblestone lane to visit each quaint cottages and mingle with the loving folks from Ivy. Not only will the warm village encourage their recovery but will stir wonderful memories of yesterday in their family members and young-at-heart visitors.

Yes, indeed, I envision it. I would like to cultivate an ongoing relationship with the hospital for Ivy to play a small role to encourage, entertain and enlighten their patients’ stay. I believe it will make a huge impact and will motivate them, which in turn, motivates me ten-fold to show how Ivy can make a positive difference in their lives.

In the meantime, as we continue working on completing the video… I am updating the Kickstarter website to reflect Ivy’s new affiliation with the Children’s hospital, but I have so many images on the site it is starting to bog down. (Silly me but I do love pictures 🙂

Thus, I have decide to create a wonderful flipbook to highlight the pledge items so I can remove them from the site which will allow it to run smoother and faster. All the items will be showcased in the online ‘Pledge’ flipbook linked to Kickstarter plus, because of the special ‘Pledge flipbook’, the site should stand out above the other kickstarter projects (hopefully).

Launching the kickstarter event is taking longer than I thought. I was hoping to launch Oct 1st… now I am looking at a few more weeks to launch on Oct. 24th. Please bear with me, I am so close and really want to get it right. I am so grateful for your patience. You have been wonderful. I am totally devoted to bringing Ivy back and can’t thank you enough for being such a huge part of it.




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