Ivy & Innocence’s Wonderful Vintage Style

Hello to all my Ivy Friends,

I wish to take you back for a moment to an incident in my past which really had a huge impact on my work – specifically set the tone and look of Ivy & Innocence.

I have always had a huge admiration for vintage items. I believe you do as well. Antiques transport me back to a time full of beauty and grace. I see their unspoken woes of bumpy trails endured with a scratch here or a ding there acquired from venturing into the twenty-first century. As an artist, I imagine the doting care given to restore their original splendor with all the polish cloths used to rub a wooden heirloom into a mirror-like finish or buff a brass knob into shimmering gold.

One of my most prized possessions I found years ago searching through area antique markets for such treasures when I came upon a very old booklet entitled Evening Comfort by Scovil. Copyright 1898 by Henry Altemus.

It was the small delicate flowers speckled across the cover which drew my attention but what I found inside made it a precious keepsake. After carefully opening the cover, I discovered a note scripted on the page inside. It read: To Mrs. Annie Irons, from M. P. Sunday School, Keswick, Iowa, Christmas, 1902.

I was speechless. I held a book gifted to my great, great-grandmother over one hundred years ago. My love for antiques helped me find a family heirloom and I wanted to preserve everything about it.

I began infusing a vintage flare into my work. Not only did I want to capture its timeless beauty, nostalgia and charm into the graceful line of cottages I was developing but, also, personify the era’s entire essence by adopting its values and principles into the heart of the storybooks which would bring the village to life.

This little book, shuffled through time, landed in my hands and had a huge influence on my work.

Indeed, it’s the little things that matter and I have learned a simple fact…
most of them are discovered when you least expect it.



P.S. If you would like to read the Evening Comfort Booklet online… you can!
I found it on microfilm for you and free, (how cool is that?) Click here!

(This story was part of a feature article in Romantic Vintage TM Magazine.
To get more information on their premier edition, visit their website – Click Here.)


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