Romantic Vintage™ Magazine

Happy Saturday Everyone,

Today we had scheduled to do more filming, however, the weather is unbearably hot. My backdoor studio has no air-conditioning. The fan works but it still will be converted into a sauna.

I am fortunate. Not too many people have a sauna studio. 🙂   Plus, I think their huge camera would melt or the moving parts would fuse together. Everyone would have a meltdown (and that’s not a very pretty sight I can assure you, lol), therefore, at Mother Nature’s mercy, I must report it will take a bit longer. Although, Fall is coming, and I have to say, Fall colors are spectacular! I certainly would not mind capturing a beautiful oak in the morning sunrise… the golden red of Mother Nature is so unbearably gorgeous.

Yesterday, the premier edition of Romantic Vintage™ Magazine was released. It features designer vintage-inspired shabby cottage decor, romantic fashions, vintage style jewelry and romantic vintage markets ~ all from the most talented designers and show promoters, where  many artists and designers are debuting their treasures (including the ‘Return of Ivy’).

I am honored they included the Return to Ivy & Innocence in their Premier Edition. If you are interested in the article and wish to take a peek at their beautiful magazine, please visit their website for details.

Since today’s plans were cancelled due to melting pot conditions, I transferred my attention to getting the promotional piece finished. I did just start out to do a simple advertising flier but wanted something different. Now, I only need to figure out how to share and upload the 24 page flipbook. It is basically done, some editing perhaps… 🙂

Anyone who has joined my blog or is currently following the Return to Ivy & Innocence venture will get the password and free access – a small token of my thanks. PLUS you all have excellent input. Your ideas are so wonderful!

I am in favor of whatever we can do to make it into an attention-grabbing standout having that “wow” impact… let me know of any ideas you think might help make it stand out. I will try to do my best to add them, if possible.

Thanks! Have a wonderful and completely relaxing weekend!

Sample page in flipbook

Sample page in flipbook

Sample page in flipbook

Sample page in flipbook


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