Let’s Go Climb a Tree!

Hello Ivy Friends,

Just wanted to say hi, sending a short note with a small story to tell while dedicated, diligently working on Ivy’s return.

I was sent a card from my mother (because she is very thoughtful like that) with images she snapped a few years ago of me trimming some branches away from the wires to our house. She also sent an article about climbing trees (article is here: http://www.newser.com/story/210569/study-climbing-a-tree-is-good-for-your-brain.html).

I have loved climbing trees all my life. I have a fondness for trees. Have you noticed, no two are ever alike? They fascinate me. Last month, several studies were released how climbing is good for the brain, improving cognitive skills, increasing your working memory, etc…

I climb because while amongst the tree’s branches, I feel closer to my inner balance, it’s so peaceful to me, not to mention, watching the birds and squirrels (I got a squirrel to eat from my hand once, so cool) and the wonderful view.

But, I haven’t climbed lately. I am thinking I should…

Just last week, after getting home from work, I went out to close a window in the studio because it was starting to rain. It took me three days, no maybe four, to find where I put my car keys which I eventually found in my jacket pocket because I didn’t want to lose them. lol

So, now I know.

I need to climb more trees.  🙂


Susan trimming the treeFeatured image


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