Great Week Update

Hello all Friends of Ivy,

I wanted to write and let you know about everything that happened this week. It was a productive week and very exciting. Several things happened.

First I wanted to let you know that “Hope & Maggie” arrived safely at her new home. Lovely Cindy (pictured with her beautiful smile) nestled Hope and Maggie into her impressive Ivy collection, making them feel right at home. It took Cindy a long time to create her Ivy Village, spanning several years and has been a dedicated supporter from my early Ivy days, as I know are several others. You all are wonderful.

I am so thankful that you continued believing in Ivy while I was searching for a way back. Life has so many curve balls but I know anything special in life is worth the sacrifice. You were there for me and now I am here for you. I think once you become a part of the Ivy Community, you are supporting the deeper Ivy values, those which inspire us to do more than what we thought was possible. That’s what family is all about.

Everyone has been so supportive that I wish to do all I can. Once the kickstarter project is successful (notice the optimism), I would like to do something extra for those who pledged. Everyone who helped make Ivy’s return a reality I hope to reward with something special along with my deepest gratitude.

I do plan on offering more rare hand-painted Ivy originals. I will paint every chance I get to complete others. This will help not only with funding the relaunch but, also, get exposure on ebay to locate more wonderful Friends of Ivy.

Next, the new Kickstarter Storybook website was approved this week and it can go live once the video is completed. Although, I do want to advertise on Facebook plus some marketing prior to launch. I feel getting the word out is so crucial to its success. This will be my next focus – hitting some blogging sites and media outlets. Speaking of which…

I would love your input if anyone has additional thoughts and strategies. Perhaps you know someone that has a nice blog that their followers might be interested in Ivy. I admit, my social platform is still young, although, I am growing my Ivy vine  🙂  and any connections you have or can think of would be appreciated.

Last night, the first stage of filming the Ivy video commenced!  I told Andy, the one with the huge camera, he was the first person that stepped a foot into my studio who wasn’t a family member or a friend.

Usually, when I am there, I can tune everything out. It is where I focus solely on my artwork and I can disappear, so-to-speak. No phones, no computer, no connection to the outside world. I walk down the narrow brick walk to my little studio sanctuary where I find peace and create, listening to the cicadas and birds. But yesterday my quiet place was filled with lights and cords and a huge camera that was hard to tune out.

Andy said I did well despite my lack of sleep and nervousness which produced a lot of retakes and flubs… lots and lots, closer to tons. And (a little bird told me) some of these will be included at the end of the kickstarter video. (*GLUP*) They plan to show my human side, blunders and all.

Without a doubt I can tell you, I am a very down to earth, googly-eyed artist, about as human as a person can get…a huge thanks goes out to Mom!  🙂  (*GRIN*)

Theres nothing more to say.

Have a great evening with Sweet Ivy Dreams!



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