A Happy Home

Yesterday, the little Girl and Puppy was adopted and officially named “Hope and Maggie”. She is the first piece in the “Return to Ivy” adventure and the first Ivy piece painted in my studio after a very, long time. It was like returning home after a very long trip. It was such a good feeling and after painting a bit, it felt like I never left.

I am so excited for the opportunity to bring Ivy back to life.  🙂
Tomorrow ‘Hope and Maggie’ will be sent out on her new adventure, traveling to her new home.

On Tuesday, a filming crew comes to decide where the best place will be shoot the video. You will see my humble home where it all began. Where our boys were raised. Where exactly thirty years ago we purchased this hundred-year-old house on the morning of our wedding day.

Indeed, today was our anniversary and we painted the front porch first and then our bench.

My husband and I have always worked well together. I believe it is because he is the earth, the solid ground beneath me and I am the sky… the hopeful dreamer. We meet in the middle… on the horizon. And, with each sunrise and sunset, I feel so very fortunate for the extra time I have been given and to once again follow my passion.

I find myself waltzing around and singing off key, burning the toast and calling for help to figure out all these fancy remotes… my family rolls their eyes and I simply smile. I know they love me. That’s what makes our house a happy home.

Warm Blessings and Sweet Ivy Dreams!


2 thoughts on “A Happy Home

  1. I am happy for you and the person who won her. I so wish I could have afforded her Susan. There was no way. I love the name Maggie. It is special to me. Keep up the good work. I wish nothing but success for you. I may not have won this treasure but I found another one today. It was the most beautiful card from you.

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    • The support the entire Ivy family, in all avenues, mean so much to me. Just sharing the project, getting the word out when I relaunch on Kickstarter will be a great help. I am not very social nor do I know any prominent bloggers and such. (Just little ole me. 🙂

      I am glad you like the name Maggie. I took tons of pictures, I will be designing many others. My focus is to expand Ivy.
      I want to teach my children to follow their dreams. To show them it is possible. To try even when the road is difficult. That their dreams can become a reality.

      Your encouragement has come in so many ways. I did not want to stop creating Ivy but life has a way of throwing up twists and road bumps. Not by choice, my path veered but my heart remained. I know there is an important part each one has in order to make Ivy’s journey back. Together we can make it happen. Because of you all, Ivy & Innocence will be even stronger than before.

      I am fortunate. There are so many wonderful, truly great people supporting Ivy.

      You have always been a part of Ivy through my ups and downs. I am glad you kept my card sent years ago.
      I have found that people, you, are my greatest treasure. 🙂



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