Finished! The First Hand-Painted ‘Return to Ivy’ Original Item in 2015!

My journey back to Ivy 2015 has truly begun! Thank you!! XO
Please consider adopting this piece and visit
(I really hate parting with her, she turned out very nice and is extremely rare.)  Good luck.


2 thoughts on “Finished! The First Hand-Painted ‘Return to Ivy’ Original Item in 2015!

  1. Hi. I just discovered these beautiful pieces and I fell in love with the detail. I bought a dollhouse cottage style from a sweet lady in Canada on Etsy. Well, the way she displayed it made it look so pretty and I just had to get it but unfortunately the outside items were not for sale. Long story short, I ended up buying the outside pieces from her that decorated the house and when I received them in the mail this week, I thought these are so cute…surely there has to be more. Well of course ..they were Ivy & Innocence and immediately I searched eBay and to my surprise there they were ….so that’s how I was introduced to these beautiful pieces and now I’m hooked…lol
    So welcome back! I look forward to seeing new and beautiful pieces!


    • Thank you for welcoming me back. I am so glad you discovered Ivy & Innocence and are hooked. I welcome you to our Ivy family! Your cottage styled dollhouse sounds wonderful and I know that Ivy will make a beautiful addition to it. Your story is great. I would love to find the avenue to reach into the dollhouse community because I believe others there would also love Ivy. I am searching for so many more just like you. Thank you for sharing!


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