The Storybook and Ivy Pieces

Sneak peak of Storybook images for the upcoming Kickstarter project.

The Storybook and pieces

Hello my wonderful Ivy family,

I wanted to post an update and show you what I have been doing, integrating my artwork, storybook and a few existing Ivy pieces all together for the upcoming Return to Ivy & Innocence Storybook Kickstart Adventure. I have been creating several images with the mockup layout of the new storybook along with the Ivy pieces to create a wonderful village setting, showcasing how the two compliment each other (for those just discovering Ivy).

I am almost done with the reworked Kickstarter website and I will be building the a new video featuring the storybook soon.

Before and after my job, I work diligently on Ivy & Innocence, taking a break only to run errands or spend time with my boys or pull a few weeds that are spilling onto my brick walkway. They are overtaking my flowerbed due to my neglect (Oi, it is a jungle out there). The rain we have has made everything soggy but the plants love it… the greenery has exploded!

All my energy is focused on the return because Ivy is so important to me. I cannot thank you enough for taking this new venture with me.

Warm Blessings and Sweet Ivy Dreams,


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