Birdhouse Gate Limited Edition was on Ebay for 5 days only! SOLD and has shipped out!

Update… This piece SOLD!!  Thank you!  I will be listing another item soon.  Please stay tuned.

I have decided to sell another piece on Ebay in order to create a presence and continue generating advertising funds for the Event. So… if you are interested in owning a rare Ivy piece that was available through the artist with only 250 produced… then skip on over to Ebay… and check out the newly listed item here:

With this piece, I am hoping to continue my exposure in the Ebay Ivy community…

I am offering this Limited Edition as an opportunity to promote the Return to Ivy & Innocence Kickstarter Event which continues through the month of May. For more information about the event, please visit: .  Make a pledge today and your pledge will only be charged upon the last day in May with a successful Ivy Kickstart Event. Otherwise no funds are exchanged.

The rare, one-of-a-kind Birdhouse Gate, listed on Ebay is direct from the artist’s private collection and only saw daylight when the bottom was signed. It is in pristine condition and is numbered 199 / 250.

Hint: It would make an excellent and unique Mother’s Day Gift!

Birdhouse Gate Limited Edition

Now available on Ebay, – This exclusive item was released to promote the Return to Ivy & Innocence #Kickstarter Event. (Would make a Wonderful Mother’s Day Gift) Now is your chance to own a rare Ivy & Innocence exclusive.


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