All Welcome by Susan Reader

Ivy’s Back Porch

Unlock Ivy’s Back Porch.

Mrs. Wells' Chocolate Shoppe

Mrs. Wells’ Chocolate Shoppe

You will find more delightful stories in the Ivy & Innocence Collection by entering Ivy’s Back Porch. On the Porch, the prevailing tales about the Cove and Ivy’s Assortments (assortments like Mrs. Wells’ Chocolate Shoppe), and the harder to find, rare Ivy releases come to life. Not only will you find this additional information, but updates and future happenings of the journey back to a special place in time.

The Back Porch is for faithful Friends of Ivy & Innocence that want to know everything about Ivy. All future releases will be posted in this exclusive area along with first hand activity regarding the new venture… All of Ivy & Innocence Happenings, Sneak-Peek Previews and Early-Bird Bulletins ~

Simply click, unlock Ivy’s Back Porch, and I’ll send you a link straight away to your inbox to keep. It is quick and easy.

Well, would you look at that ~ it’s teatime… bring your cup and let’s get some tea.


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